Monday, February 22, 2010

The Light,and the Fight !

It's been now almost a month since I last posted any blog. Caught up in the business of life the thoughts ,albeit rampant, never materialized into the bits and bytes of the written word. Swirling thoughts popped up only to get buried in the mundane absurdities of a life going about it's daily business of existence.

While most thoughts never quite made it to this article, a few did ! And in no particular order :

The High Beam ! Yes, I wish the beam of my car was higher and stronger than all other cars. This is prompted by the fact that my driving sanity gets reduced to a pulp the moment I set out to drive at night. I normally keep my headlights on low beam, as is I guess expected in any City Driving. But very soon I start wishing for the most powerful, the most "high" light source to be available in my car. Usually the sequence of events is as follows: (a) The opposite driver is coming at me with all his lights blazing ! (b) I signal by flicking my lights in an attempt to appeal to his good senses to keep the beam low (c) My signals have absolutely no effect on the resolute proponent of the high beam(d) I start wishing that my car had a battery of lights which I could switch on, then, and scare the living daylights of the oncoming driver !
The other day, Pappu was sitting with me in the passenger seat when he was witness to my demeanor changing from the normal to the insane . On being prodded, I told him that I get irritated when people drive on high beams right even in a well lit road !

Pappu could not believe that I actually drove with my lights low by default ! He was aghast at my "timidity" and advised me to knock off the low beam switch of the lights. "Arre".. he told me in utmost disgust.."in Delhi,you need to be aggressive when you drive ! Otherwise you will be pushed out of the road !

Success-thy name is controversy ! It is interesting to note some of the recent events when it comes to success and controversy. As soon as 3-idiots was released there was this big hullabaloo about writer credits etc. Personally I was siding Chetan Bhagath, more because I thought the issue was more about grace and humility. Whatever be your thoughts, post controversy, not only did the movie did superbly,but the sale of the book also shot up ! Coincidence ?

This was soon followed by MNIK ,Sharukh Khan and the various Senas ! While the whole controversy was at it's peak, the TV stations increased their TRPs, the Newspapers did not have to search for a catchy headline and the Sena got a heavy dose of coverage,not to mention the awesome opening which the film garnered. In the end, they all went laughing to the bank , while you and I took sides ! Coincidence ??

I sorely need a controversy now, to spice things up !

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  1. Looking forward to some controversy or scandal...:-)