Thursday, May 17, 2012

The World of "solutions"

As any management Guru worth his salt will tell you, this is the age of "solutions". These days, you do not simply buy a product-you are offered "solutions". The companies, or rather ,solution providers, are now capable of understanding your "pain points" and they then weave a “solution” to end your pains. Pretty straightforward, and makes sense . The world is getting complicated and so are the needs and demands. Thus, days of buying off the shelf products that could satisfy your needs are practically over. Your needs have evolved, your pains have increased and thus there is less scope for a one-size-fit-all product. Enter the world of solutions and lo and behold, your pains shall disappear !

This phenomenon is perfectly understandable in a technical world ,and with ever-changing market dynamics, changing demands and cut throat competition, a solution centric approach is what the good doctor would prescribe. So no issues on that score,whatsoever !

However, of late, the "solutions approach" seems to have transgressed the heady world of technology and related business and  permeated into  trades,even the most basic,  all of which claim to offer "solutions".

I was intrigued the other day when I came across an advertisement for taps and bathroom accessories. But no, you would not find the words tap written anywhere in the copy. It was, you guessed it, "bathing solutions "!

The good old barber has stopped writing “hair dresser” on his signboard. Instead, I  have increasingly seen boards proclaiming “hair solutions” to their customers. The local gym in my neighborhood has also come up with a signboard that proudly displays “health solutions” ! And next to him is an outlet which arranges birthday parties and sells return gifts for kids. Yes, you guessed it, it was called “Birthday Solutions” ! Pens are "writing solutions" and of course you don’t go to a bank simply to deposit money- you purchase "banking solutions" ! Your  insurance agent will take affront if you refuse to accept that what he sells are anything other than "financial solutions" !

Car rental agencies are no longer car rental agencies. They are “travel and transport “ solutions. And you will be aptly put in place if perchance you happen to refer to a video rental store as anything other than “entertainment solutions”. Many grocery stores have already stated that they are "home solutions" and restaurants are but of course "food solutions".

I guess it is but a question of time before your toothpaste is not known as anything else other than “tooth  solutions “and flip flops are but “walking solutions”. What would you call your tailor if not a “coverage solution” and your plumber if not as a  “water solution”? Soaps will sell as "cleaning solutions" and deodorants are of course, "body odor solutions" !  I guess you get the gist now- and you can thank me for reprogramming your thoughts in a solution centric world.

And now that the temperature is hovering on the wrong side of 45 degrees Celsius, can we have some  chilled beer- oops..some "heat relief solutions" ?


  1. i believe there are three things ruling the present scenario of this country - one you described quite beautifully "The Total Solutions", the other two are "State of the Art Technologies" and "Turn Key Projects"

    1. Rightly Observed :) "End to End" is also another view going around :)