Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Annual Stock Taking

An enjoyable and busy weekend just got over - Party at friends place on Saturday, followed by a Sunday lunch to celebrate the birthday of another friends daughter, who turned 12 ! Time flies and how !

As the year is coming to a close, this is the time to do a stock taking and and resetting the scheme of things . Actually, you don't need an occasion like the end of the year to do a stock taking-one can do it all the while, anytime,any occasion. Some folks ,however, wait for the appropriate time and space to pause, sit back and , yes,take stock ! This is the time when the pads are flashed out and new year wishes and resolutions get written,agreed or typed- depending on your preferred choice.There is always the belief that from next year onwards, I will be more organized, will plan better, will work harder, will run faster, sing better, drive saner, will drink wiser …..

So with all gusto, I am also about to embark on my annual stock taking exercise. I am painfully aware of the fate of most of my resolutions as the year turns around.Usually , before you can say "what ho" , the resolutions get entangled with the logic and practicality of life and one is seen "revising" the plans to better "fit" the current situation. In my case, at least, the revised plans don't resemble the original ones ,say within a time span of 4-5 days from the D day , and that has proved to be happenstance time and again ! Indeed , a time tested tradition ! But then, no point worrying too much about it- there will always be next year to try these ,again !

I of course wish I could avoid at least some of these end of the year chores- like furnishing receipts for your investments ( fat good they do to your tax savings anyway- it is just a 'feel good' exercice !) so that you are within your declared tax plannings. Tax and tax planning bugs me and I wish for a simpler state of mind and well being . But wishes are not horses and don't even come close to the characteristics of these fine animals !

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