Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Winter Sun

I have started reading Harsh Snehanshu's novel "Oops I fell in Love" . Just finished the first chapter, so there is still the whole book to read. Interesting to read such young authors and that too Indian ! There are quite a few on the stands now . The book promises to be a good read.

My battle with the virus is still on.. I am still on the losing side with the result that now my voice alternates between a deep baritone ( I like) and a high pitched falsetto( I hate) with me having no control over their occurrences ! I have given up the fight and waiting patiently for sanity to strike my vocal chords .

The winter chill is setting in,though I must say it is quite nice now with the Sun shining through a lazy winter sky. The only darn problem with the Sky,at least in Gurgaon, is that it is never blue-always a dirty shade of some vague color created by layers of dust. All builders are building one fancy building after another, with shining glass facades and moderns looks.Every road and every piece of available land is perennially being dug by somebody or the other, showering layers of dust in gay abandon. There are almost never any decent roads leading to these buildings symbolizing the "millennium City". You have dirty pot holed roads, stray cows meandering around,traffic going any way they please,water flooding at the slightest, and in the midst of all this squalor you have these magnificent buildings with glass facades, where thousands of the elite strut in and out, where billions of dollars worth of business is carried on, where ,once you enter these buildings, you are immediately isolated from the surreal world outside . Well,almost..

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