Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kailash Kher Night

Music of course is a great healer. And when it is soulful Sufi,and that too in a live concert by one of the notable proponents of this genre, the effect is simply multiplied manifold !

So, the hard concrete steps serving as seats in Hamshadhwani open air theater at Pragati Maidan really did not matter,neither did the chill in the air ! Kailash Kher held everyone mesmerized and one soulful number followed another ! Of course , his numbers are a rich blend of Sufi soul juxtaposed nicely with contemporary sounds and style. So you have the 'non sufi ' types also nodding their heads vigorously and clapping and swaying in equal measures. All in all, an extremely enjoyable evening .

Of course, as is almost expected, the show started 1 hour late. Yes, there was the customary opening speech by a 'minister' and I suspect he ,as wont his habit, simply turned up an hour late ! The organizers offered no explanation,but did one really expect any ?

Kailash Kher of course more than made up !

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