Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Blues

Why are Mondays Blue ?

The typical mood cycle of an average worker ( a term collectively used to represent all hues and types,including the corporate Yuppie and a small section of government workers ) represents a curve that can be best approximated to the Sinusoidal, with interesting variations thrown in for good measure.

The ascent starts roughly at midweek when realization often dawns on the hapless worker that life is not all a bed of thorns and there are glimpses of light at the end of a long tunnel.But of course, you are not singing tra- la- la yet at this juncture yet ,and the birds are not flapping their wings yet, but you start sensing hope and salvation !

The next two days throws up confirmatory pointers that yes,indeed, one can start crooning ,somewhat .The blurry images of birds flapping their wingies become more substantive and by the time it is Friday morning , you are the epitome of radiance,happiness and you don't mind spreading the smile around the countryside !

This state lasts the whole of Friday and in some cases,Saturday too ! The more realistic and pragmatic amongst us sees through the temporary veneer,but for many others, it is a song sung heartily.

The down-slide starts from the next day ( varies between morning to mid morning), but by the time one is faced with evening, he is practically a nervous wreck! The birds disappears, the voice croaks and the colors simply go away.

Many wake up on Mondays either in self denial or in in abject despondence.Either way, you are almost at the lowest end of the curve and nothing matters anyway. This is the time when great philosophies get written.

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