Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Mighty Virus

I would be making a rather silly statement if I were to pronounce that Science has achieved a lot ! Of course it has, and it is not in the purview of this piece to enumerate those. Suffice to say that there is possibly no problem on earth that cannot be solved with science- such is it's glory and grandeur ! God Bless the Scientists and may their clan grow and prosper; and the scientist who is an atheist may simply ignore the "god Bless" part !

But ,but, but .... that is where science gives way to my philosophical query.. why has science not found a cure for common cold ? Stale as it might sound, and notwithstanding the fact that countless reams ( err.. bytes !!) have been written about the subject , a non-medical mortal like me is constantly barraged with this profound question ! Why, pray why ?

A common cold is a terror which engulfs most of humanity with regular patterns. Yes, most, because there are of course a few who escape the wrath of the virus, probably due to umpteen good deeds done in the past life. I ,on the contrary , lie quite on the other end of the spectrum , giving disturbing indicators of dubious past life misadventures . I wonder what Tiger Wood's next Viral life is going to be like-of course the inference could depend on which side you are ,Elin's or Tigers ?

But yes, coming back to the virus in question ,and there are many of them, I am told, I must admire their effectiveness and stealth ! Something which can create disturbances of such magnitude without being tamed definitely deserves a round of applause !

And that brings me to the next philosophical question-do Virus have Monday Blues ?

I guess I better stop now......

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  1. Very well written! Our combined knowledge is still a drop in the ocean of nescience. The Viruses are of course billions of times efficient than us considering their reproductive capabilities.